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Junk Removal - The Organizing After Party

Now that you did the hard work of decluttering and organizing, what do you do with the big pile of unwanted furniture and junk you have sitting in the side yard? You call the junk removal experts at Dumparoo! We were so fortunate to be able to sit down with Chris Cates from Dumparoo recently to discuss all things junk removal!

Chris is a family man and entrepreneur who started his career as a manager at GM but found himself scratching his entrepreneur itch by buying a truck and a couple of trailers and diving into the world of junk removal. Now he runs a full service junk removal business as well as a weekly, white glove garbage and recycling pickup service in the Lansing, MI area.

During the interview Chris goes into the details about what junk removal is - removing the eyesore of items no longer wanted. This could be a pile of items left over from your recent yardwork projects, or from downsizing and getting organized. If you find yourself in this position, he always recommends an in-person estimate to make sure you're getting the right size trailer for you pile of junk.

We also asked Chris how junk removal can help people get organized. He gave the perfect example of an old file cabinet that was inherited. Not only is this file cabinet taking up space, but it's not really wanted anyway and has been the perfect place to accumulate clutter. Getting rid of the filing cabinet free's up space and eliminates a lot of clutter as well. He also mentioned that getting rid of bulk items also help you see what you really have. This can help free up space and room so you (or your professional organizer) can get you organized.

Since junk removal can be a heavy topic, we also wanted to lighten things up a little bit so we asked Chris what the coolest thing he ever found in someone's junk was. Notable items included a huge box of vinyl records featuring some notable artists such as The BeeGees, Earth Wind and Fire, Quincy Jones, and Michael Jackson. He also came across a Justin Timberlake Doll still in box.

If you're looking to get junk removal services, remember to make space where you want your trailer to go! Make sure cars are moved and out of the way so you can have your trailer in the best place to make loading up the trailer as easy as possible for you.

Chris prides himself on understanding what the customer is trying to accomplish. While be busy is great, he is more concerned about providing the best service possible to his clients. He enjoys providing personal customer service to his customers.

Chris also sheds light on how physical clutter can impact mental clutter. He has seen the weight on physical clutter on some of his customer's faces. He tries to bring the situation back down to a manageable pace. You don't have to do everything all at once, because that can be very overwhelming. He likes to put the customer at ease and wants the customer to know that Dumparoo is their partner in this transition. He meets them where they're at while still moving them along to meet their goals.

Finally, Chris admitted that he has a bit of clutter in his life too! Since they've launched the weekly garbage and recycling service his garage is housing the totes he uses for the service. While his wife does have room to park her car, the other half of the garage is "overflow".

After wrapping up the interview with Chris, we dove more into how junk removal plays a role in organizing. We talked about the organizing trio, professional organizers, junk removal experts, and cleaning companies, and how the three work so well together, creating a Ven-diagram demonstrating an organized home.

We also discussed the order in which to execute each area: Organizing, Junk Removal, Cleaning. The cleaning crew cannot properly clean if there is still a lot of clutter and the junk removal crew cannot remove your junk unless you've made decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of by getting organized (we can help with that).

We hope you enjoyed this time we spend with Chris from Dumparoo and found the additional insight into junk removal helpful! If you're in the Lansing, MI area and need junk removal services, we highly recommend giving Chris a call! We've used his services multiple times and cannot say enough good things about his service!

Don't forget we all have clutter in our lives, and that's okay! Whether it's physical clutter, mental clutter, or some other clutter, we all have it and it's okay to ask for help!

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